Seagull Management Consulting is a consultancy with a primary focus on productivity improvement. Tomas Kjerulf, the founder and lead partner at Seagull has extensive experience in manufacturing and understands the challenges faced on both the revenue and expense side of a manufacturing company. Seagull Management Consulting was founded to assist companies in improving their bottom line by following a proven methodology. This methodology is based on improving efficiency and quality through a concept know as "Up-time". (OEE)

The "Up-time" concept utilized by Seagull Management Consulting has been continually developed and refined based on years of experience in manufacturing and process industries. This has resulted in a fine tuned methodology that has proven successful for Seagull's clients. Seagull prides itself on a structured approach which delivers bottom line results to Seagull's client. Seagull consultants are specialists in productivity improvement and performance measurements.

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